samedi, avril 25, 2015

Grow up, guys

That day I'd just had it with Twitter snark...I wrote this. My April 24 column for LNP Media Group.

samedi, avril 04, 2015

Suffering? It's at the heart of the Easter story.

vendredi, mars 20, 2015

What do relics tell us about our quest for the historical Jesus? An interview with writer David Gibson

Are you fascinated by the Shroud of Turin? Do you wonder about the truth behind the fragment called (debatably) the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife"?  Curious about why the arguments about the authenticity of religious relics are so heated, so complex?

And what's the point of relics anyway?

Find out more in a conversation with David Gibson, co-author of the new exploration of six famous artifacts, "Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery."

dimanche, mars 08, 2015

Facing the end of life in a community of Mercy

samedi, mars 07, 2015

When it comes to understanding Islam, Americans often fail to...

A conversation with John Esposito, the dean of Islamic studies in the United States.

mercredi, février 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday: everything you thought you knew - and the truth

On a quest for people who knew about the origins of Ash Wednesday, I found I didn't know as much as I thought I knew.

Ash Wednesday: Facts and lore - LancasterOnline: Faith Values