jeudi, mai 21, 2015

Jealous much

I don't happen to have the jealous gene.

 If you have to worry about outsiders ruining your relationship...well, maybe it wasn't such a good one to begin with.

Thank goodness for the philosophical attitude that comes with age.  I've seen some crazy high school dramas, involving threats, recriminations and even a visit from the police, .

One of my kids still allows herself to fall prey to the nonsense. The other avoids it like a contagion.

I've watched it wreak havoc in  adult relationships and cause unnecessary suffering - provoking wrath and pain that just adds to the toxicity of something that should be healthy and life-giving.

Sometimes jealousy becomes a game  - something to juice up a relationship, make it a little more exciting.

Jealousy - it's a bitch.

But perhaps to characterize it as female is unfair - it's a bipartisan little devil.

High school is over, kids.

Time to grow up.

mardi, mai 12, 2015

For PICO activists, this is a Kairos moment

samedi, avril 25, 2015

Grow up, guys

That day I'd just had it with Twitter snark...I wrote this. My April 24 column for LNP Media Group.

samedi, avril 04, 2015

Suffering? It's at the heart of the Easter story.

vendredi, mars 20, 2015

What do relics tell us about our quest for the historical Jesus? An interview with writer David Gibson

Are you fascinated by the Shroud of Turin? Do you wonder about the truth behind the fragment called (debatably) the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife"?  Curious about why the arguments about the authenticity of religious relics are so heated, so complex?

And what's the point of relics anyway?

Find out more in a conversation with David Gibson, co-author of the new exploration of six famous artifacts, "Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery."

dimanche, mars 08, 2015

Facing the end of life in a community of Mercy